Our Crew


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My name is Faizel, named by my previous owners.  It's an Arabic word and I'm told that in English, the name means Judge or Prince.  I think Prince suits me best.

Like most Americans, I come from a mixed heritage of Dandie Dinmont (Scottish breed) and Lhasa Apso.  I started my life in North Carolina before my owners and I had a falling out.  I then moved into foster care with a terrific lady in Tennessee who raised wolves! - my distant cousins.  In May 2007 Bob and Judi found me on the internet - a site called Petfind.com.  I now have a permanent home with these interesting, albeit sometimes nutty, people.

In order to please them I have to go through all these meaningless commands, such as sit, stay, down.  I do them when I'm in the mood, or when there is treat involved, of course.  Now they have me shaking hands and rolling over - REALLY, must I do this just to get a little food!?

Of course, I get dog kibble, while they eat lavish, full course meals.  I lay under the table, hoping for a scrap to fall on the floor.  Sometimes, that is really profitable, especially when it comes to popcorn.  Judi, can be awfully messing with popcorn - it just seems to leap out of her hand to me.  It's a dogs life, but it's OK so far.