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Welcome to the continuation of our journey - we will try to keep it interesting, informative, and entertaining.

Current Position: Homer, Alaska  Latitude: 59 36'N   Longitude: 151 30'W         Our Time          

It Has Been a busy year.  From June until November we have been consumed with helping with the Obama campaign for the presidency - and our website has suffered as a result.  We have brought it up to date and hope the few of you who check it on occasion forgive our laziness.
June 2008


Visits by son Denis and friends Max and Ellie and start of political season
July 2008

Sister Sharon and her friend Stephanie visit, politics heat up and Judi begins rental season.
August 2008 We go from fundraiser to fundraiser, help Obama set up office in Homer, and start to eat fresh veggies from our garden.
September 2008 Lots of political activities keep us busy
October 2008 Campaign season winds down and we start building for the winter and next spring.
November 2008   Election season is finally over and Thanksgiving is an appropriate time to celebrate