Our House


In April of 2007, we started on a driving tour across the U.S. combining sightseeing with a search for a place to live.  

Well, our search is over! We drove into Homer, Alaska and instantly fell in love.  After looking around for about 2 weeks, we made an offer on the home shown in these photos.  To see how well this house met our criteria click here.

House Tour

Exterior from driveway

Living room at stairwell

Living room

Looking south across Kachemak Bay

Looking from stairwell

Sunrise from the deck

View from the deck


Dining room/Kitchen



Guest Bathroom

Our Bedroom in the "tower"

Artic entry way up to living level

Property looking north alongside the house

Spruce trees on property

The house is basically what we were looking for.   It has:

  • Open plan living room, kitchen, dining
  • 3 bedrooms (including a small apartment on the lower level)
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 2 acres of ground
  • Incredible views
  • Bonus - Since we had no other home and thus no furniture, this house came partially furnished.  The style is not one that we would have chosen, but we can live with it for a while and will gradually replace pieces as time goes on.

We are already contemplating many changes.  Once we move in we will know better what we want to do and, even more important, what we can afford to do.  Keep checking back as we document the remodelling and alternative energy systems we hope to install.