Location Criteria


We are looking for a small to medium size town that has lots of natural beauty, wildlife, access to water, cultural activities and medical facilities. 
As we drove across the country, we assessed many places for liveability using this criteria and compiled
a short list of areas with which we were really taken.
Location   Criteria



  • Not too hot - under 85 degrees in summer
  • Not too cold - over 32 degrees in winter


  • Near small or mid-size city
  • Lots of natural beauty and wildlife
  • Near to water and/or mountains
  • Active Involvement in Community and environment
  • Possible for either wind or solar power
  • Lots outdoor activities
  • Airport close by


  • Access to theater, cinema, art galleries and artistic activities such as festivals


Access to Reputable Health Facilities

  • Would like to be within 100 miles of a major cancer center

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